Classes for Children

Our classes are built around learning the dance syllabus in a fun, encouraging and safe environment. Through dance the child will gain greater self-confidence, build social skills, increase fitness and activity, improve listening and discipline. And they will know their stuff when watching Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars!!

Classes are for 3 years to 16 years, with limited numbers in each class to ensure the child has the opportunity to learn as much as possible, and to make new friends.

There is an option for any child to enter nationwide Ballroom/Latin competitions under DFI, but this is not a necessity for those not interested in competing.

Dancers also have the option to be undertake Medalist exams in Ballroom/Latin.

There will be an annual show for each child to showcase their talents, and perform what they have learned to friends/family. Children can take part in local events throughout the year also, as they arise.

Discounts available for children taking multiple classes

Classes are run for the below age groups:
Baby Ballroom 3 to 6 years
Juveniles 7 to 12 years
Juniors 12 to 16 years

In order to be in the correct age group the child should be enrolled for the class in the age category of the age they turn in the year (e.g. child is turning 7 in November 2019, they should enrolling in 7 to 12 years, even prior to birthday), this is to ensure the child is in the correct class should they wish to enter DFI competitions.

Classes are paid for in 4 week blocks, first block paid on Day 1. After this, next block is paid in week 4 to ensure a place in next 4 classes.